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Mobile Facts

There are over 1.2 Billion Mobile web users worldwide
Mobile Devices Make Up 20 Percent of U.S. Web Traffic

Mobile phone and tablet users' expectations of apps and websites continue to rise. With ubiquitous availability of smart phones and tablets powered by Google's Android and Apple's iOS as well as the quick rise of HTML5 powered Web Apps and responsive design, your clients, members, and constituents expect seamless delivery of content and a rich mobile experience that is different than the experience a PC or laptop can provide.

While many mobile apps are simply for entertainment, mobile apps increasingly serve professional needs. If you're an association New Target can help you move your publications into an immersive tablet application for Android or iPad. Government agencies may be looking to provide a more convenient way of disseminating information through a mobile application that provides data visualization. Even businesses are combining location services, online reviews, and other mobile application related features to enrich customers' experiences.

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