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The headlines detailing the effects of COVID-19 have become a routine reminder that we are in an unprecedented time. As a way of responding to this changing climate, your business may be thinking about altering the way it operates by moving some or all of its operations to a virtual environment. And, if you do, you’ll want to communicate effectively to your customers and help them adapt to a new way of accessing your products and services.


The value you bring to your customers won’t change, but the way you do business might. That’s where New Target can help. We’ll use our experience to strategize and implement ways for you to provide your products and services virtually in a way that is convenient, secure, and reliable.


New Target’s team is here to help support your new or existing virtual operations with services like virtual meeting software integration, ecommerce infrastructure, branded messaging and content, and much more. These are our areas of expertise, and we provide these services routinely for clients locally in the Los Angeles and Washington, DC areas and nationally, as well. 


We’ve assisted associations, nonprofits, and private and public sector organizations with the following services that we can help you with too:


Messaging and Content 

  • Creating a messaging strategy and execution around COVID-19 and communicating this information to various digital properties.
  • Monitoring and coordinating digital engagement with your online properties including posting content to websites, social properties, and intranets, with styling and design assistance where required.
  • Providing a layer of editorial QC and quality assurance to all digital posts on websites and social media.


Virtual Meetings 

  • Consulting on how to engage with conference participants, making the content updates on websites, assisting with social media management, and collecting, organizing, and creating web pages that include all conference presenter materials and more.
  • Creating special event pages that include integrations with virtual meeting software, permission integrations tied to CRMs, and more.



  • Providing additional digital marketing integration and communication support through email marketing, abandoned cart mobile messaging, and more.
  • Increasing hosting performance capability by moving to New Target’s cloud.
  • Adding additional payment methods to ensure clients are able to purchase goods and services conveniently with little friction and no contact. Remember, New Target is a Square solutions partner.
  • Creating new mobile-friendly ecommerce experiences given the spike in demand for their products from mobile phones during the new distancing measures.


While not a comprehensive list, these are just a few of the ways we’re helping with the new realities of virtual business. If we can help you, please send us a message and a digital expert will be in touch.


With offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, CA, New Target provides digital strategy, web design, web development, data integration, application hosting, and online marketing for prominent national associationscorporations, and government agencies.





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