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Welcome to the New Target weekly roundup of industry headlines! Each week, we’ll share a few articles about today's digital world that piqued our interest.


Preparing for WordPress 5.4: Changes Theme and Plugin Developers Should Know About

WordPress 5.4 is right around the corner, so it’s time for web developers to start preparing for the upcoming changes and features. We’re personally excited about the changes under the hood and improvements to the WordPress block editor. If you haven’t tested it yet, now is the time!


The Anatomy of Top Performing Articles: Successful vs. Invisible Content

Is content really king? Long-form content ultimately does rank better than shorter content pieces. Dive into the study and learn how you can create content that ranks and drives organic traffic to your website.


Brandless, Outdoor Voices, and Away: How Venture Capital Ruined a Generation of Direct-to-Consumer Startups

Do you have an actionable marketing strategy or are you working off of gimmicky tactics based on other people’s models? Sometimes money isn’t always allocated to the right medium. It all comes down to what you prioritize and the strategy you are using to retain current customers.


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