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Today’s successful websites require website integration. Achieving this top-tier experience hinges on integrating your website with essential systems, such as CRMs, operational tools, and specialized software like job boards and MarTech toolsIt’s essential that your customers and members can smoothly navigate and access personalized features too. Whether they’re participating in community collaborations, updating contact details, or registering for events, your website should make these experiences intuitive.

This is where New Target comes in. We’ve honed our skills with a track record of integrating diverse third-party providers, from Fonteva and iMIS to Salesforce, Netforum, Stripe, Square, and beyond.

We’ve learned from our extensive experience:
– Ensuring third-party systems talk effectively is paramount. Through data mapping and direct API integration, we bridge potential communication gaps, and provide graceful fallbacks when necessary.
– Rigorous testing is a non-negotiable. We validate integrations both before and after implementation to ensure consistency and functionality.
– User experience is at the forefront. An integrated system should enhance, not hinder, user engagement and satisfaction.
– API documentation is not the same as the API. IYKYK.

Consider the possibilities:
– Social Media Integration: Boost your brand’s reach and engagement across platforms.
– Email Marketing: Connect your site’s email newsletter seamlessly with platforms like Mailchimp, streamlining your outreach.
– Ecommerce Capabilities: Enhance shopping carts, showcase products effectively, and ensure secure payment processing.

Our Approach to Integration:
– We offer tailored plugins for popular CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress.
– We provide code snippets that fit your data needs precisely.
– For unique challenges, our team crafts custom code solutions, that are maintainable.

Let us assist in streamlining your digital journey. We’re here to integrate and elevate, ensuring your website remains cohesive, user-friendly, and efficient.

Connect with us below and let’s enhance your website’s experience, together.

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