Today, we send off one of New Target’s finest on a journey to retirement. Irve Towers, Vice President of Hosting Services, is ending his 15-year tenure with New Target and suffice it to say, we’re sad to see him go. Since 2004, when he sold his company to our organization, he has selflessly dedicated his time, provided consistent guidance, and most importantly, given us the indelible gift of friendship.  

When we set about to write this post, we thought that instead of assembling a standard narrative, that it would be best to interview a few people here who know Irve well. That way, if he ever needs a pick-me-up, he can kick back, pull up this post, and revel in his accomplishments. Reading through the interview answers, he’ll see that words like “knowledgeable,” “dedicated,” and “reliable” were routinely ascribed to him. As well, he’ll know how much we appreciated his patience and valued his wisdom. Laura summed up Irve this way, “He can put everything in perspective and add that twist that makes us all shake our heads and smile despite whatever challenges we’re facing.” Irve leaves a legacy of excellence, and his work here made New Target and its employees immeasurably better.

Here’s how we’ll always think of Irve.  

He Taught Us Valuable Lessons

Brian Newsome – “The sheer magnitude of keeping a well-architected hosting operation performant and reliable against the wild west of bad actors and bots on the web.”

Laura Machanic – “How to wrestle a stolen domain name back from poachers. No kidding! Way back when a client lost their domain name when they let the registration lapse and foreign poachers snatched it up to steal their traffic. Irve went to bat on their behalf and working with ICANN for almost 2 years successfully got the client’s domain back. He also taught me how to move forward and what to do when a mission-critical website loses its domain. It was all quite a journey!”

Elana Shaffer – “I have learned about a million things from him. All about hosting and email and domains, security, hacks and computer maintenance, etc. I couldn’t even begin to cover it all.”

Pedja Grujic – “I always point everyone to Irve’s golden rules which will always be part of New Target: 

Save 15 minutes at the end of the day for: 

1. Entering your time,

2. Committing your code, and 

3. Checking every live site you worked on during the day.”

He Was a Team Player

Elana Shaffer – “His sense of humor. Even in a stressful situation he always helped me find the funny part and laugh about it to calm me down. His unwavering dedication. Irve is ALWAYS the first person available to help in a situation at any hour, even if he shouldn’t have to be the one to do it. Being a team player. You can always count on Irve!”

He Was an Exceptional Co-Worker

Brian Newsome – “You could always count on Irve to provide a point of view that challenged and made your own, and those of colleagues, better.”

Elana Shaffer – “I knew I could always count on him to help me or help me figure out a solution and make me laugh in the process.”

Pedja Grujic – “His knowledge and how much he loves to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.”

He Is an Inspiration

Laura Machanic – “Irve’s complete dedication to our clients and their websites displayed the kind of work ethic that embodies our company values. On a personal level, Irve’s love of gardening, his annual “pilgrimage” to the Outer Banks, and most of all his long marriage to his beautiful wife and high school sweetheart, Liz, inspires me.”  

Elana Shaffer – “He inspires me a lot. He has dedicated himself to both his work and his family through very hard times and still managed to find the laughter and enjoyment in life.” 

He Is a Positive Force

Elana Shaffer – “I’ve known Irve since 2010 when I first started as a junior PM. Irve was the only person handling everything hosting system related to all of us and had to be on call 24/7. He taught us all something every day and it seemed like he never got to take a break. While it still seems like he rarely takes a break, he has managed to teach a few others to help ease the burden so he’s no longer a one-man show. I’m sure we’ll still have to call him here and there as he has knowledge and skills that no one could ever replicate, but he has created quite the legacy here.”

He Is Accomplished

Brian Newsome – “Establishing and maintaining the NT hosting business on a firm footing over many years and being a part of building out the initial architecture of hosting operations when the internet was still obscure and unknown.”

Elana Shaffer – “The fact that NT has a successful hosting business is mostly due to Irve and his ability to manage all of our clients and their needs in that area.”

He Is a Renaissance Man

Brian Newsome – “Someone who will take up any task, large or small, for the good of our clients and the performance of their applications. He’s the magician in the network making sure the packets get where they’re going reliably so missions get achieved, products get sold, and the constituents get served.”

Elana Shaffer – “I’ll miss having someone to laugh with me about the silly things that happen and hearing about his great hobbies.”

He Makes for a Good Story

Pedja Grujic – “So a few years ago Irve was on vacation down in Outer Banks. I got a call from 24/7 support that we had a site down, and Irve had not responded. This was about 1:00 am, so I looked at the issue and saw that it had been fixed already. I called Irve, he picked up, I asked him what was going on. Turns out, at around 10:00 pm, he slipped while going downstairs and ended up in the hospital. So by the time I got the call, Irve had already fixed the issue from the hospital bed.”

He Will Be Missed

Brian Newsome – “Thank you, Irve, for being a reliable, steadfast colleague in some high-pressure situations over the years. Over 40 years in the demanding, unrelenting hosting and network engineering business is an accomplishment not many could ever match. From IBM to New Target, you’ve been a leader across companies. You’ve earned the rest and full-time enjoyment of family and your garden, and I wish you many, many years of tranquility and happiness to come.”

Laura Machanic – “Thanks, Irve, for 15 years of dedication to us and 30+ years of contributions to the world of web development. You were a true pioneer in a newly forming industry. May you find great satisfaction knowing what you brought to New Target and what a trail you blazed for the industry.”

Elana Shaffer – “I hope that Irve gets to relax and put all of his incredible work ethic into his amazing hobbies, especially his beautiful garden and spend some quality time with his wife, Liz, and daughter, Jessica.”

Pedja Grujic – “Spend a lot of time in your garden, Irve!”

Irve has left his imprint here and though he won’t be in the office, he’ll always be a part of New Target. We wish him all the best in this new endeavor. Cheers to your hard work, and good luck in your next chapter! 

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