One reason we love utilizing open source content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress, is the constant work happening behind the scenes by development communities around the world to advance this software. These communities add new modules, helpful patches, and core software improvements to not only keep the software ahead of the curve, but also to maintain long term stability. To illustrate the frequency of updates, on average, a new version update of Drupal is available every 36 days. For Joomla!, updates happen on average once every 49 days. 

As with any software, it’s critical to routinely update the CMS powering your web site so the software remains current and contains the most recent security patches. We recommend that you check for updates constantly! It is the best way to keep your web site running smoothly. Without regular maintenance, users can find themselves several versions behind and unable to make the switch from their current version to the latest release.

Don’t let your new web site fall behind. New Target is happy to help! We offer a maintenance and support plan for your CMS software. Call us today to talk about keeping your web site up to date – 703-548-3433 ext. 21.

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