Google recently released the latest version of Google Maps, which in addition to having exciting new technology updates and a new design for the average user, includes a new look and feel for the JavaScript and Static Maps APIs*.

While customizing Google Maps isn’t new to New Target, Google is increasingly making integration techniques friendlier for developers. We look forward to continuing to use Google Maps in new and innovative ways.

Our latest Google Maps project (which is underway) for the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, brings together advances in Google Maps, HTML5, and JQuery techniques to showcase REIT-owned assets across the United States. Using vibrant, high-quality imagery, New Target recreated the web application collaboratively with NAREIT. Included in the showcase is information such as ownership details, property photography, and other statistical data highlighting the breadth of REIT investments in each state.

Check back for the completed & launched REITs Across America map in a couple of weeks, in the meantime, enjoy the preview photos below!

States are colored in blue and have a greater opacity to depict a higher number of REITs in that state. Users may select a state on the summary right side bar or from the map.By clicking on a state or on summary side bar, an individual may view photos of the REITs in that particular state.

*According to Google, “the new look is available for opt-in today, and is a simple one line code change: google.maps.visualRefresh=true;.”

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