Engagement. Most organizations want constituents to communicate with and about their brand online, yet not many have mastered it. Getting users to engage is not just about setting up a community, it’s about managing the members, giving them access to what they consider to be valuable content, and selecting a scalable technology solution that will allow for all of that. If you have implemented Salesforce or are thinking about it, consider utilizing their Community Cloud. Because it’s built on the Salesforce CRM, it makes full use of the data you have collected and it enables you to create a branded, personalized, and integrated experience for users to share information. 

If the tables were turned and you were asked to engage with an organization as a customer, employee, or a channel partner how would that look? Most likely you would have a wish list of features that include personalization, recommendations, and access to other departments. And, you would want the tool to be easy to learn and even easier to use. Salesforce’s Community Cloud offers all of that and gives users an equal amount of autonomy and guidance.

Salesforce makes it easy for your customers to engage with the following features:   

Business Integration: Salesforce’s Community Cloud is so powerful because you are able to embed many 3rd-party apps and integrate records and objects which enhances your ability to connect business processes. The result is a member community that is enabled by, and has access to, an abundance of resources that reside outside of Salesforce itself.  

Personalization: Engagement is about connecting, but it’s also about personalizing the experience for your community members. Community Cloud uses AI in Salesforce’s Einstein to recommend groups and content which provides members with additional information and increases time in the group and on your website.

Branding: Offering a seamless experience means that your brand should be consistent as users move across your website. Salesforce gives your team the tools to customize templates right out of the box so that you get your community up and running quickly.

Internal Intelligence: Conversations that happen in your community don’t need to be confined to the group. Salesforce’s integration with your internal departments lets employees see what’s happening in each group. Layering Salesforce’s Chatter—a collaboration platform—can enable real-time conversations among employees who can quickly answer questions and resolve issues which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Manager Dashboard: Managing the business of customer engagement can be a full-time job that requires marketing, teaching, troubleshooting, and most of all, making sure the users are happy. Community Cloud provides a dashboard to give managers deep insights into the customer experience so that they can maintain a great customer experience and optimize as necessary.

The value of engaged constituents has a compounding effect in that it empowers people with resources and gives them a voice to offer opinions, share information, and best of all, act as a brand ambassador. Using Community Cloud boosts that effect to the fullest extent by providing tools that put users in control and put you ahead of the competition. 

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