The development team at New Target is gearing up for DrupalCon Denver and even though there are still 52 days left before the March 20th conference start date, we can’t help but get excited!

DrupalCon, the official conference of the Drupal Community, is always relevant to web developers around the world and the Denver theme -“Collaborative Publishing for Every Device” – is particularly applicable this year with mobile and tablet use skyrocketing. If you’re on the fence about attending, here are a few reasons we are sending our developers:

  1. Collaboration: There will be some great opportunities to connect with other leading developers. The conversations happening in hallways and among attendees at these conferences are integral to the innovation we love about open source.
  2. Training: We are always learning more, taking part in classes as well as the 92 sessions will be a top priority.
  3. Luke Wroblewski: We have long admired Luke for his insight into mobile development and usability, his keynote address is much anticipated.
  4. Looking to the future: Open source web development is changing quickly, we want to be ready for the future!
It’s not too late to sign up here:
Let us know what sessions you’re attending, we’re still making our decisions and are open to ideas.
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