Just a few short years ago professionals asked, “Why do we really need a web site?” With Facebook’s success, many of the same perceived challenges from the past have resurfaced. Have you heard someone exclaim, “Facebook is great – but it’s definitely not for our company or association! It’s a personal, fun thing…”?

You might raise these statistics for discussion:

  • There are 51.5 million users 35 – 64 years old.
  • Over 72% of the US web audience is on Facebook.
  • On average users spend 15.5 hours a month on Facebook, and login more than once per day.
  • 25% of users check Facebook as soon as they wake up.
  • 25% of all time spent online is on Facebook.
  • More Stories/Articles are shared on Facebook then on Twitter, Google News, and Email- combined.

“Well, those are powerful facts but we are not in control and we need to be in control of the message to be successful.”

But, you can be in control:

  • Facebook has the ability to enable and disable the comment function.
  • It can be used as a public forum meaning you’re in the conversation as an organization
  • The conversation will happen whether you’re in control of it or not. With Facebook, you are engaged and can address concerns directly and reply to comments in an appropriate way. Facebook gives you a voice in the conversation.

“Fine, but am I really going to see a return on our investment? Are we really going to get results either in new customers or new members?”

Most definitely:

  • Stories, links, and comments posted on your wall show up on the news feed of all users that already like you.
  • If someone then likes your story or a link, all of their friends will see it in his or her news feed. From there on it is like a wild fire, it can spread from one user to another, multiplying the ROI exponentially.
  • Nowadays, people rely on their Facebook friends to get recommendations for both personal and professional topics. The distinct line that once divided people’s personal and professional lives is no longer as clear.

“Now you’re talking! So how does our new page get found? We know it’s important and we know it’s a lot of work to earn the likes and friends…where do we begin?”

It’s simple. Call New Target. 703-548-3433.

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