Nonprofit fundraising trends change year after year, with digital fundraising now more relevant than ever. We’ve looked at some of the top digital fundraising statistics from 2021 to help set you up for a great fundraising year for 2022 and beyond. Check out our tips below.

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Digital Fundraising Tips & Trends 2022

Emphasize Mobile Giving

According to the Blackbaud Institute’s Charitable Giving Report, in 2021, it was estimated that 28% of online donations were made from a mobile device, growing steadily since 2014 when it made up just 9% of online donations. Mobile donations include mobile donation pages, text fundraising, digital wallet giving, and mobile kiosks.

Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile payment technology, in particular, is going to be crucial to your digital fundraising strategy in 2022. Services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal streamline the donation process by allowing donors to safely and quickly input their credit card information into online forms.


Text-to-give fundraising allows donors to make donations right from their cell phones using their texting application or donate. ‘Text-to-give’ and ‘text-to-donate’ have slightly varying definitions, with ‘text-to-give’ meaning that after a donor sends a keyword to a short code, the donation amount is added to the phone bill. ‘Text-to-donate’ means after texting a keyword, donors are led to a mobile donation page.

Whichever method is used, text messaging for donations is a popular mobile giving method that allows donors to donate using minimal effort.

Don’t Ignore the Youth

Age has always been one of the most reliable demographic indicators for identifying and connecting with your most valuable constituents. The average donor age is now 65 and has increased from 62 in 2016. Although it is fantastic that the mature donor circle has highlighted their reliability, it is also an indication that nonprofit organizations have not even begun to fully tap into the charitable behavior of younger generations.

In Tipping Point: Aligning with Supporters in a Changing World, it was reported that organizations have been seeing an increase in participation from younger donors and donors of color. Younger generations and people from ethnically diverse groups have shown up more prominently among donors who supported a nonprofit and increased their giving since 2020. In addition, according to the report, these donors have indicated that they want to keep giving. This should remind us to pay close attention to donor cohorts to make sure we are reaching them on the platforms they prefer. As donors start to age out of the giving pool, it is important to keep this in mind.

Familiarize Yourself with Sustainer Giving

Sustainer giving is a long-term strategy where donors commit to giving a pre-specified donation amount regularly. Allowing the donors to give an amount of their choice means sustainer programs automatically support donor retention and ensure a dispersed revenue source. The success of your sustainer program relies on great retention strategies.

Data from the Blackbaud Institute’s Sustainer in Focus looked at various donor files and compared the revenue of new donors, those who gave a sustainer gift first, and those who converted to sustainer giving later against those who never gave a sustained gift. The data showed revenue per donor increased in the years before the two years following the donor’s commitment to a sustainer giving program. Giving increased from 50% to an overwhelming 300% showing that sustainer fundraising has great value if done correctly.

Try Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Over $154 million was fundraised for charity in 2021 through ‘digital-centric’ peer-to-peer fundraising, which is a 30% increase from 2020, according to a study from Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum involving 44 nonprofits. The study also revealed digital peer-to-peer fundraising is becoming more popular for all nonprofit organization types and sizes.
Peer-to-peer fundraising involves encouraging your donors to fundraise on your behalf. Basically, your supporters create personal or team fundraising pages or events and connect with their networks to collect donations from family and friends. If your nonprofit hasn’t already begun utilizing peer-to-peer fundraising, now is the time to start!

Watch Out for Crypto

Despite many people still being a bit confused by the crypto concept, 2021 has shown us that it is a more than viable fundraising option. For example, Giving Crypto Tuesday raised over 2.4 million dollars for 1000 charities.

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