New Target is excited to announce we will be presenting at the Drupal Government Day conference on May 18! If you are interested in using Drupal for your federal web design and development project, don’t miss this one day conference which will address topics such as open-source technology and security, designing in Drupal, how Drupal is changing the government, and many more.

New Target will be hosting a session focused on delivering useful pieces of knowledge to help any federal employee who finds themselves on a web design and development project by addressing three critical fronts: process, technology and design. We will use a recently launched suite of Drupal powered federal websites to answer the questions we are often asked and, more importantly, questions we wish we were asked.

Please join us! Register for the New Target Drupal Government Day Session here. If you have any questions about this conference or about our experience implementing Drupal websites for government clients, call us at 703-548-3433 ext 21 or email us, [email protected].

With offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, Ca., New Target provides digital strategy, digital marketing, web design, web development, branding, website hosting, and creative services for prominent nonprofits, companies, and government.