One of the most influential scientists of the 20th century is back, in name at least, and his role in history has been altered to fit the modern world. A little over a year ago, Salesforce introduced their version of artificial intelligence (AI) called Einstein. Einstein is embedded in the Salesforce Platform and it helps organizations learn from their data and connect with customers on the web in a predictive yet personal way. Salesforce’s version of artificial intelligence serves as the best combination of scientist, futurist, and advisor to make sense of your data and then it provides insight and advice in the areas of sales and marketing. Powered by advanced machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery, Einstein helps to take the guesswork out of doing business.

“Making data smarter” is a promise that we are hearing more frequently, yet artificial intelligence seems to be all but out of reach for many organizations, especially those with modest web marketing budgets or a small staff. Not the case with Salesforce’s Einstein. Einstein is built to be part of your existing Salesforce Platform so it uses the same model management and monitoring tools that you already have. The best part is, you can choose the features you need so you get a tailored model that is unique to your organization—much like what it helps you do for your customers. Statistics coming from companies that have used Einstein’s features that are highly integrated with a web experience show a 36% higher close rate, 150% higher conversion rate, and up to a 15% increase in revenue per visitor.

Einstein features are available for every Salesforce cloud, and the list below shows you how AI is used in the Sales and Marketing clouds. 


Einstein Opportunity Insights – Coffee’s for closers, and you’re no doubt tired of guessing which opportunities will go the distance. Einstein provides data intelligence to determine the likelihood of closing a sale.

Einstein Account Insights – You might not have insight into which activities your customers are involved in with other parts of your organization, but now you do. Account Insights helps you identify factors that may be affecting your sales efforts so that you can optimize accordingly.

Einstein Lead Scoring – Stop wasting time chasing after leads that may not pay off. Let Einstein use your data to score leads for you.

Einstein Activity Capture – How integrated are your sales tools? Connect your email and calendar to Salesforce and then let Einstein generate insights based on related information in the CRM.   

Einstein Supervisor Insights – Get to the top of your management game faster with real-time and smart insight into your sales team’s activities.  


Einstein Social Insights – A solid social media listening program requires time and resources. Let Einstein do the work for you by analyzing conversations, highlighting keywords, and assessing sentiment.

Einstein Segmentation – Segmenting your audiences is critical in marketing, yet it can be a time-intensive experience. Einstein builds custom audiences for you based on smart insights.

Einstein Journey Insights – Not sure how your audience gets to a conversion? Journey Insights helps you to optimize each customer’s journey based on prior actions and predictive analytics.  

Einstein Recommendations – Customers won’t always tell you what they want, so Einstein does it for you with tailored product and service recommendations.

If that weren’t enough, Salesforce also offers Einstein features in the App, Commerce, Community, and Analytics Clouds.

After reading through all of Einstein’s features you might feel like your web marketing efforts aren’t “smart” enough. But they can be. Your organization can bring its data to life and realize the benefits of artificial intelligence by using Salesforce as your CRM and integrating the Einstein features that you need most with your web experience, possibly powered by Drupal. There’s no need to work harder when you can work smarter.

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