When the Office of Science and Technology Policy needed to conceptualize and build an online community for one of its flagship programs, The Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program, it turned to New Target for its inventive thinking, elegant design and development expertise.

Established in 2005 to study the science of science policy through a global specialist community, the program’s main challenge was organizing a diverse array of specialists geographically dispersed around the world. The program’s three goals: “advancing evidence-based science and innovation policy decision making; building a scientific community to study science and innovation policy; and leveraging the experience of other countries” now have the means to fulfillment via an online portal designed and developed by New Target.

The portal integrates the latest online .NET community technologies into an intuitive design encouraging information sharing and collaboration as well as nurturing an emerging community. Utilizing blogs, wikis, media galleries, discussion forums, RSS, user profiles and more, the online community is, indeed, more than a collection of technologies. It is a place where Federal practitioners, researchers and other specialists converge to advance the science of science policy. It is a community that is no longer an idea but a reality and New Target is proud to have played a significant part it its formation.


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