The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) is a an important accrediting association and body that protects the environment and the public’s health, safety and security by administering credentials to professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and expertise in managing hazardous materials. Their website allows these professionals to learn more about applying for a certification and, once certified, provides them with the resources they need to perform their jobs well.

IHMM’s site was originally built on Joomla; the IHMM team was looking for a system that was more current and that would not only allow them to manage their content easily and efficiently but that would also allow them to keep their current design and information architecture. A migration and re-platforming project primarily,  New Target migrated all of IHMM’s current content and used both core and custom Drupal 7 CMS modules to replicate IHMM’s existing functionality, design, and information architecture.  The new website provides a more reliable extensible system as the accreditation association continues to expand and achieve its environmental and public safety focused mission.

The new IHMM site provides site visitors with the same user experience as the former IHMM site while allowing the staff members to update quickly and easily content. Please visit the new website at and let us know if we can help migrate and re-platform your website.

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