New Target is thrilled to announce the launch of the reimagined, redesigned, and redeveloped website for America’s premier health research association, Research!America.  Research!America is a premier organization by making both the public and government policymakers aware of the life changing benefits of such research. The homepage provides stunning new visual information graphic design for presenting research benefit data while providing convenient ways for users to contact their congressman to advocate online, access reports and fact sheets to be informed, become a member, and make a donation. 

Info Graphics

One feature we’re particularly excited about is the homepage statistics box. The statistics circles on the home page are generated dynamically based on the number entered by the user as a percentage, meaning that the 36% and 80% pie graphs are tied accurately to meaningful data stores. All while the images are loaded onto the page as fonts, meaning that the users can add new images to the site by browsing public repositories for image-generating fonts rather than needing to know how to create or upload graphics. Research!America’s communication and advocacy staff are therefore focused on serving their users’ information needs with convenient SEO-friendly info graphic tools, such as Google Charts.

Integration and Data Migration

Continuing our focus on creating great web experiences, New Target integrated the website with several 3rd party information and financial transaction service providers.  We continued to work closely with Cybersource’s payment gateway for various transactional webforms, while ensuring  Research!America staff can create reusable webforms easily within the Drupal Content Management System, and enable the option to accept payment. For advocacy related information we integrated the Drupal-based website with Capwiz to provide user’s with content preferences relevant to their needs. And finally we migrated from two data store, a deprecated CMS and WordPress, to Drupal. The new Drupal CMS provides all the enterprise-level features a premier association and advocacy organizations needs to carry out its mission online.  New Target’s Drupal expertise in theming, integration, website configuration, and Drupal module writing means Research!America is positioned well for maintaining their website for years to come.

Material Web Design

Research!America wanted a new design that was open, clean and modern, and showcased their innovation and thought leadership. We were inspired by the tenets of material design.  We designed and developed the site responsively in Drupal, by creating a custom Omega 4 based theme with SASS and Compass.  We also used Breakpoint, Singularity, Toolkit and rgbapng to address cross-browser compatibility. The website uses the Singularity grid system instead of a traditional 960-type grid system; Singularity is considered the “next generation grid framework” and is based on internal ratios allowing for better gutter consistency across breakpoints. The site’s design utilizes scalable font icons as well as Google charts to highlight RA’s compelling statistics and facts.  

Check out the new Research!America site, and please contact us if you are interested in working with New Target’s digital strategy, web design, development, and online marketing team to revitalize your association’s web experience.

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