If you are anywhere in the chain of enterprise marketing, ask yourself one question: At what point does marketing start? Is it when a marketing communications plan is approved? Is it at the first run of an ad in a campaign? If you think of marketing in terms of a journey, then it most likely starts when you target a customer. From that point, each word you select and each channel through which you communicate will influence what becomes of that prospect. Given the amount of data that you collect on that individual or company and the number of people involved in each step of the process, how will you effectively manage the journey and drive to a conversion? Through Salesforce’s enterprise marketing tools, of course.

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Salesforce doesn’t treat the sales and marketing departments as casual colleagues who touch base occasionally. It fully integrates the efforts of each so that you can map, make connections, and optimize your tactics throughout the journey, automatically. What was once the domain of an entire department with a variety of skills is now done with Salesforce’s artificial intelligence assistant, Einstein. Einstein enables intelligent marketing through the tools listed below so that you can execute a smooth customer journey.

Journey Builder: A comprehensive marketing communications plan is one in which the customer is communicated with across a number of different channels with messages that appeal to their likes and actions. Journey Builder helps you visualize the journey and, through predictive analytics, allows you to set triggers for the purposes of prompting a response. You can plan out actions in response to customer activity (e.g., if X happens, then we do Y) and then automate those actions.

Email Studio: Working with an email service is one thing, working with an intelligent service backed by Einstein is like jumping on the express train to success. Email Studio enables you to create targeted emails with segmentation tools as it suggests the right content that will get your audience to act. Email studio also leverages the power of Salesforce to schedule messages at the right time and create custom reports for measurement and optimization.  

Social Studio: When done right, social media is a powerful marketing tool; creating a solid content strategy and posting regularly are the keys to success. Sure, pushing out content is a good tactic, but what are you getting back? A few likes and comments, don’t tell you much. Social media listening is where the real intel resides. Getting a sentiment reading on your customers and understanding what they are saying about your brand is beyond valuable. The Social Studio tool lets you gather social intelligence about your customers and competitors so that you can respond and optimize accordingly.  

Advertising Studio: There are a lot of components in a successful digital advertising campaign and no doubt you have many different audiences to target at different stages in the sales cycle. Advertising Studio is like a virtual marketing department that manages each component of your online and social media advertising. Salesforce engages in customer acquisition, retention, and winback by finding customers, connecting with other sales efforts such as email, and advertising to various audiences with custom content at specific times.

Mobile Studio: Sales and marketing move fast, and keeping in touch with customers who are on the go is critical to staying in the game and being competitive. Mobile Studio drives quick actions through SMS, push notifications, and group messaging. This is the ultimate in real-time sales and it serves the dual purpose of showing that your company is responsive while keeping it top of mind to customers.

Few CRMs are as intuitive and connected as Salesforce. Its suite of marketing tools makes it seem like there are a few additional members on your team. And, with the help of Einstein, you know that you are getting accurate intel to respond to the right audience at the perfect time.

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