Starting on September 15th the polls open to determine who will fill the Drupal Association’s two open at-large seats and further lead innovation in the Drupal Project, one of the strongest projects in the open source community. New Target’s very own Director of Technology, Pedja Grujic, is one of the candidates eager to serve. 
Pedja is not one to cater to consensus thinking or particular interests.  He is a strategic thinker that knows how to implement – a trait earned not just through being a student of the technology industry but by witnessing the rise and fall of various technologies first hand.  His view is a long-term one.  
That’s why his primary focus during his Drupal Association Board candidacy is strengthening the quality and size of the Drupal community – from Themer to Developer to Designer and beyond.    Pedja has been working with his colleagues at New Target to bring growth to the Drupal community locally by seeking out DC area colleges and universities to find interns who will be exposed not only to Drupal but to the open source community at large.  Pedja wants to bring these ideas and programs, implemented with success at New Target, to the Drupal Association to contribute what works and what doesn’t.  His plan is to explore an initiative, in partnership with colleges and universities and the Drupal Association, to introduce rising computer scientists to open source projects.    
“As the Drupal market share grows, so does the demand for quality Drupal developers, site builders, and themers. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good problem to have, it means that the Drupal project and community is growing at a great pace and taking up more of the market. However, we need to increase supply to meet the higher demand for Drupal developers, site builders, and themers.  Anyone in technology knows how fast software can rise and fall.  As the developer community goes, so goes the software platform,”  says Pedja.
The lack of opportunities, as it would for any industry, drives many agencies and associations towards other platforms, which in turn, creates a long-term attrition problem for open source community projects like Drupal. Fortunately, the Drupal Project is experiencing a high demand for developers which emphasizes the need for a more expansive educational and outreach strategy.  Pedja believes that by focusing on launching a few pilot Drupal certification programs the Drupal Association and its supporters can then contribute back, replicate, and expand the programs just as they have done with the Drupal software and community.
“We’re trying to do something special here at New Target.  The team comes to work every day thinking about technology driven ideas that will solve our client’s challenges; and they are, frankly, quite large with often times a great deal at stake.  But yet, we deliver consistently.  That’s what Pedja will bring to the Drupal Association board.  He will impact the board and community positively with big, yet achievable ideas just as he does each and every day for our clients and our team,” says Brian Newsome, New Target’s Vice President.

Review Pedja’s candidate profile on and don’t forget to vote starting September 15, 2013.
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