What do you do when you lose access to your Google Analytics administrator account? While Google does have high security walls protecting access to your account, there are ways to get control of it again. The best way to do this is to use your Customer ID and your UA ID to connect you to the administrator account again.

The First Step is to find your UA number from the “view source” section of your home page, which is easily done by right-clicking and selecting view page source, or by pressing CTRL-U.

You will end up at a page like this:

Once you are on this page, press CTRL+F and search for “UA-“. This will send you to a number like this one: UA-1234567-8. This is your UA number.

The Customer ID can be found on your AdWords account page. If you don’t know yours, finding it is easy. Once you have your Customer ID, it’s time to send over the information to Google AdWords Support.

Then, access the Account Administration and Security AdWords Help page, to take charge of your account.

Next, you need to contact Google AdWords Support. Click “Contact Us” in the upper right hand corner, and click on chat.

This will take you to the AdWords Help Page where you can enter in your Customer ID and other information:

A helpful team member from Google Support will contact you, either via Chat or Email to get further details on your Account.

They will send out an email with the instructions on how to demonstrate ownership of Google Analytics Web Properties:

To show ownership for each domain tracked in UA-1234567-8 that you’re requesting access to, follow these steps:

1.     Create a text file and save it as: analytics.txt

2.     Include the following string of text in this text file:  GooG123456ABCDEF.  Please add [email protected] to GA account UA-1234567-8 with “Manage Users and Edit” permissions – date {INSERT DATE}.

3.     Upload this text file to the root of each of the domains from which you’re requesting access.

You’ll append “analytics.txt” to the end of your URL. For example, if your site URL is http://www.example.com, the uploaded file will look like this: http://www.example.com/analytics.txt

For Example:

Next step:

Once you’ve uploaded the text file, “analytics.txt,” reply to the email from AdWords Support with the URLs of the uploaded files. Once they receive this information, they will grant you “Manage Users and Edit” permissions to the Google Analytics account or property.

Once the Google Support Team Member verifies the .txt file you sent, as well as the email associated with the admin, your new administrator can grant access to any account—Google or non-Google (once you set up the account through AdWords, of course).

Hopefully this post proved to you that all is not lost after you lose your original administrator account. Google Analytics is a tool that your company should always have access to, and luckily Google provides a way to get back control conveniently!

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