If you missed the New Target team presentations at Drupal Capital Camp in Washington, D.C. last week, the sessions are now available online for your User Experience / Usability and Drupal Migration and Integration learning pleasure. 

Usability and User Experience by Danielle  – WATCH NOW
There are at least 8 different UX testing methods that you can use to test your website or application. But how do you know which one to use that will both return maximum results and fit into your project budget and schedule? And after you do the tests, what is the best way to analyze the results and report on them? We’ll discuss the various existing UX methods and when to use them (based on both research and lessons learned) and how to accurately report your findings based on the tools you’ve used during testing and your audience.

Drupal Integration and Migration Techniques by Pedja, Jorge and Sarat – WATCH NOW

In this session we will cover the hot topics of integration, migration, and performance. This session will cover integration of Drupal with Avectra PRO, setting up the Feeds module with XPath Parser and Feeds Tamper. Once Drupal is integrated with the AMS and all the content has been moved from the legacy systems, we will show you how to optimize your site. 

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