Facebook recently launched a new feature called Facebook Questions.  This new feature allows Facebook users to pose questions that are trivial or pose more serious questions if the user’s profile represents a company or association.  The answers, even with a grain of salt, can be a source of knowledge.  If you’re an organization that is looking for answers to your most pressing issues, why not give it a whirl with a poll using Facebook Questions.  And since all Facebook Questions are public you have a potential pool of over 500 million Facebook users!  

Keeping with our culture to practice what we preach we’re asking all of our NewTarget.com visitors to visit our Facebook page to tell us what you think about our new Web site via our Facebook Questions poll. Just “Like Us” and you’ll be able to give us your feedback on our new Web site.  We’ll keep rolling out new questions over time as this feature almost certainly will grow in popularity.  

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