Consistent branding is essential for expressing your brand’s story, and your logo‘s design is the first thing people see when they discover your company or initiative. The power of a brand’s logo to determine a potential consumer’s initial perception of your brand is enormous. To stand out among the sea of brands, it’s critical to use your logo as a tool to influence how people view you from the very first impression. 

ducati motorcycle with logos as example of logo design

Successful logos communicate exactly what a business stands for and should be recognizable even without the company’s name. The mere sight of luxury brand logos elicits sentiments of power. The fact that more than half of customers of all ages possess a t-shirt with a company’s logo on it demonstrates that people identify brand logos with some form of influence. For example, when you see someone wearing a Gucci t-shirt, you automatically assume they are wealthy or relevant.  

What Is a Brand?  

A brand is the emotional and experiential elements that feed other people’s perceptions and beliefs about a company. It is a consistent tone or visual voice that expresses the company’s competitive advantages and market position. 

What Is a Logo? 

A logo is a visual representation of a company’s personality and identity. A memorable logo is an important part of a strong brand because it acts as a visual shortcut to the company in a crowded market. 

Logo and Brand 

A company’s brand is its foundation, and its logo is a visual shortcut to the brand’s trademark. When it comes to marketing and promoting a consistent image and voice, both a logo identity system and a strong branding strategy are essential, but a brand speaks for itself. The public’s perception of a company and its product has a significant impact on its long-term success. Your logo is nothing without a strong brand behind it, and your brand is nothing without a logo that amplifies it.  

Telling a Story  

The pathos parts of the human mind are tapped into via visual storytelling. We achieve the ideal mix of feeling and meaning by combining pathos with logos. The provocation of human emotions is known as pathos. It’s when something appeals to you just because it makes you feel a certain way. The rational side is called logos. Something that appeals to your logos does so by establishing a logical link. Although pathos is the primary emphasis of design, logo design incorporates both pathos and logos elements to seamlessly tell a key portion of the brand’s story.  

The ability to build an emotional connection with the target audience is the most crucial feature of logo design. Have you ever felt a little more relaxed after seeing a spa logo? Or did just gazing at the green juice bottle’s logo make you feel a little healthier? That’s what we want to accomplish. The font, symbolic images, and colors all play a role in the emotions elicited by a logo. So, what are some current logo design trends you should consider using to amplify your brand’s story? Here are some of our favorites:  


Animated logos are still popular. Modern specialists have figured out how to make them both appealing and valuable for brands. When a logo contains multiple moving parts, a combination of 2D and 3D animation is effective. Designers should not be scared to experiment with details and create images of varying levels of complexity. These approaches assist in capturing the attention of a brand’s intended audience as well as telling their unique story. 

3D Gradients 

Gradients are popular among designers. They can assist in making any color combination unique and vibrant. Logos with 3D effects, particularly conical ones, are appropriate for the central storyline. They draw attention to the color contrast. Conical gradients will continue to be popular, according to logo design experts. This is because they have the ability to transform simple projects into complex ones. 

On the screen, 3D gradient logos look great. They provide a designer with a plethora of options, including experimenting with colors and creating amazing solutions that are both modern and straightforward in appearance. 


Simplification isn’t only a logo design trend for 2022; it’s also a wonderful way to include a variety of styles. Practicality, comfort, and aesthetics are three pillars that support the success of simplicity. 

If you follow a logical order, design navigation will be sequential and straightforward. A designer should be able to accurately emphasize the most important pieces of information while still engaging audiences.  

Another benefit of this trend is that it allows the viewer’s eyes to rest. Today, we are surrounded by too much information and excessive details, and simplicity will help mitigate and tame these circumstances so the brand’s story can shine through.  

Letter Play 

The overlapping of letters, the «destruction» of their portions, incompleteness, emptiness in lines, and bleached parts all call the viewer’s attention to the logo. On the other hand, it’s critical not to overdo it. The inscription must be distinguishable; the audience shouldn’t have to guess which company they’re dealing with. They must remember it and recognize it the next time they encounter it.  

Bold Typography 

In 2022, you’ll see logos that will elevate the text from supporting words to the focal point. There will be unusual and bold fonts, which unique characters will substantially enhance. The use of unusual typography in logos is becoming increasingly popular. This allows a company’s nature to be displayed while also making its logo unique. 

It’s possible to experiment with letter size, sequence, and placements to make a typeface bold. Such concepts may appear crazy at times, but that is the goal! This trend will appeal to individuals who are bored of using the same old typefaces. 

New Target Can Help 

We help businesses flourish by creating brands that stand out. With each engagement, we look to not only capture the soul of your brand but also to propel it to new heights. To find fresh ways to share your story and to establish an identity that wins over your audience. 

We design simple, memorable, and unique visual brand identities. We will help you create a consistent and identifiable brand that starts with your logo. Contact us today! 

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