What is Drush?

Drush, short for Drupal Shell, is a poweful command line tool for administering your Drupal website.  Drush is a powerful (and cool) tool that makes Drupal operations much faster and simpler. 

Password Reset Using Drush

Now that we have covered what Drush is, we are going to show you a quick way to reset a user’s Drupal password in a matter of seconds. 
Typically, the way to conduct a password reset is to go to the website, click forgot password and wait for email instructions. Then, you need to click the link in the email and pick a new password. Simple? 
With Drush, it’s faster and simpler.  While shelled into your site run “drush upwd USERNAME –password=NEWPASS” where USERNAME is the Drupal user login and NEWPASS is the new password. 
If you’re a Drupal website administrator, you’ll find this useful to reset passwords on the fly for lost accounts, or even accounts that are no longer tied to a valid email. 
Another useful Drush command, related to passwords, is the generation of a password link that you can send to users and have them set their own password.  Simply type in “drush uli USERNAME” and you will get back an URL that the user can use to reset their password. 
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