Higher Education Skincare, a new brand of skincare products, touched on what Millennials want most—products that are clean, easy-to-use, and cruelty-free. The line launched in November 2018 and their feature-packed inaugural ecommerce website was designed and developed by New Target using Magento 2.

Given that Higher Education Skincare is a new brand, the website has to work overtime to not only sell but also educate visitors about the products. Along with targeted copy and photos reflective of the selfie culture, the site includes categorized posts on their blog The Glow, embedded videos, integration with their Facebook and Instagram feeds, and a soon-to-come School of Skin. An impressive list of features and functionalities are packed into the site, though the design remains fresh and uncluttered.

The vibe of the website is at the corner of best friend and mentor as it seeks to “educate” users about their skin and advise them on which products to choose. Clever product names like Cram Session, Double Major, and Night Owl line the virtual shelves. With the product descriptions come day/night icons to indicate when to use them and Smart Tips explain how the product works and how to use it. Product pages are the place to browse as they give visitors a comprehensive experience where they can see the ingredients, write/read reviews, watch a product video, and purchase.

Magento offers a lot of flexibility which helps to seamlessly move consumers through each stage of the buying cycle. Visitors are encouraged to create an account and then learn about the rewards program where points can be earned in various ways such as on purchases and through social sharing. Once their account is created, users are feted on their birthday with a special coupon and, as a courtesy, are reminded about items left in their cart and about items that may need to be re-ordered. Each interaction is meant to encourage users to revisit the website and purchase.

As it goes with skincare, establishing a routine with the appropriate products is the key to healthy skin. Taking that to heart, the Magento website offers one-click ordering of all products within a user’s regimen. Which means once a user knows their skin type and appropriate products, they can click once to add all of those products to their cart versus adding each product individually. Magento also allows users to choose one-month, three-month, six-month replenishments on products. But that’s not all, automated ordering, shipping, and account creation confirmations through both email (integrated through MailChimp) and text are all examples of the functionality that makes it easy for the user.  

When it comes to checking out, the focus, again, is on making it easy. The site is integrated with PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay as well as Braintree for credit card processing. Custom discount codes enable the Higher Education Skincare staff to set dollar amount discounts, offer gifts, and easily set up for specific dates, provide codes to users, and track usage.

New Target’s selection of Magento for the Higher Education Skincare website resulted in a veritable dream team of web development, web design, and ecommerce. The process of navigating, browsing, and buying products is a snap, thanks to the features and functionality offered by Magento. Together with the design and messaging, it’s sure to make you feel like you’re part of the club of users who know that it’s time to #TeachYourSkin.

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