The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) presented New Target with a number of challenges and concerns regarding their web presence in the marketplace.  Not only were they interested in modifying the look-and-feel of their online properties, but the NAREIT leadership was equally interested in driving traffic to the site, increasing their exposure to the mainstream search engines, expanding their online video offerings, and streamlining the content management process for their editorial staff.  In addition to their website needs, NAREIT was pursuing an e-mail marketing initiative and sought technical support from New Target in support of this endeavor.

New Target responded with a multi-faceted staged effort spanning a two-year period that involved offerings of web hosting, online marketing, a website redesign, and a transition to an industry leading enterprise-level content management system, Sitecore.

By working with New Target, NAREIT achieved success across a spectrum of online technical, strategic, and marketing objectives.  New Target’s extensive knowledge and broad experience in these areas inspired confidence in the NAREIT leadership, a confidence that has been proven with the successful launch of

And even though the site is launched, New Target continues to work extensively with NAREIT in an online marketing capacity as well as supporting the maintenance and roll-out of additional web site features. If your organization is in need of a robust enterprise-level content management system or online marketing services then please call New Target to discuss your needs today at 703-548-3433.

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