Practice Greenhealth is a health care membership organization that provides sustainability solutions that benefit patients and employees, communities, financial security, and the environment. The organization was borne from a first-of-its-kind agreement between a health care association and a federal agency with shared goals for environmental stewardship and sustainability in health care. Practice Greenhealth chose New Target to help redesign their website which required both teams to dig deep and determine the right messaging, functionality, and design aesthetic.

Creating Value for Members & Non-Members in a Centralized Way

It was clear from the beginning of the project that the Practice Greenhealth staff was fully committed to the organization’s mission. During our discovery sessions, teams gave very clear insight into where the website was in terms of problem areas and where it needed to be. The organization has an abundance of information on topics from safe chemicals to energy to green design—pretty much anything that members would need to support sustainability initiatives in hospitals and health care systems. Having a lot of information on a website is a double-edged sword—it’s nice to have until it becomes hard to organize and difficult to find. Our shared goal: design and build a website that not was not only beautiful, but also provided value for members and non-members in a centralized way 

Crafting a Messaging Architecture

We worked extensively with Practice Greenhealth for their content and messaging tasks. After several discovery sessions, we created a digital strategy that informed the keyword session and messaging architecture. The keyword session consisted of a group of staff members completing a questionnaire and later brainstorming down to one word that everyone agreed truly identified the organization. The single word “impact” gave us direction in creating a messaging architecture that included brief key messages along with proof points that could be used when crafting content for the website and for other marketing materials. 

Creating a Cohesive Design and Custom Features

Next, we gave their entire website a new look with a fresh, appealing, and cohesive design. Our team came up with a design in which users could easily navigate throughout the site with identifiable colors and icons for each of their topics.

The technical side of the project required moving the organization from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 and from Salesforce to a new AMS, netFORUM with single sign-on functionality. This gave them a content management system and framework that offers flexibility for the Practice Greenhealth staff who are responsible for the website. Our development team built a user-friendly yet custom backend which gives the PGH staff the ability to easily edit their content. We have organized and built this in a way in which they can edit blocks, default headers across nodes, views, and taxonomy. We also used paragraphs throughout the site to give PGH staff access to specific content on a node. This was a high priority for Practice Greenhealth, because they want to showcase and highlight content to non-members and allow the members to easily login from the node and view additional members-only content. We also built custom pages where the staff can relate resources and topics to specific nodes. Finally, we created an easily searchable Tools and Resources page where users can search by topic, keyword, or browse through all available resources. 

Realizing Their Vision

The in-depth work that went into the messaging, design, and development paid off in a website that really speaks to the brand and is easy-to-navigate. It provides value for both members and visitors and is very manageable for the staff. Practice Greenhealth can be proud of its station as the health care sector’s go-to source for information, tools, data, resources, and expert technical support on sustainability initiatives that help members and visitors meet their goals.

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