New Target is proud to announce the launch of two projects under the umbrella of the National Press Club—the Journalism Institute and Fallen Journalists websites. The Journalism Institute (NPCJI) is the nonprofit affiliate of the National Press Club and offers a broad range of professional development programs focusing on high standards, ethical conduct, and best practices. The Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation operates under the NPCJI and honors “reporters, photojournalists, producers, editors, and others who have died while performing their jobs as journalists.” 

New Target is currently redesigning and building the National Press Club website and during the project, was tasked with creating both the NPCJI and Fallen Journalists websites in just two weeks. The planned announcement and anticipated press coverage of a bi-partisan bill to establish the memorial on federal land necessitated the quick turnaround. Though the NPC website is being built in Drupal with multi-level functionality, the timeline and reduced requirements for the other two websites pointed to a WordPress solution. Our team ensured that the WordPress theme closely mimics the style, look, and feel of the National Press Club site that is currently in development. Additionally, we used WordPress widgets so the NPC can manually update and manage a lot of their own content. The NPC also has the ability to showcase news articles and manage the support page and email signup form.

The New Target team did an outstanding job of strategizing, designing, and building these two websites. Though the websites were created quickly, the team was able to capture the essence and importance of the institute and foundation while meeting the NPC’s functionality requirements. We are both thrilled and honored to be a part of this work.   

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