New Target is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned family of sites for the IAM Benefit Funds Office (IAM BFO). IAM BFO oversees the IAM National Pension Plan (IAM NPF), IAM Benefit Trust Fund (IAM BTF), and IAM 401K Plan (IAM 401K). The NPF has more than 100,000 participants and is one of the top 5 multi-employer pension funds in the United States, while the BTF covers over 50,000 people who work for more than 225 employers. Over 20,000 people participate in the IAM 401K plan that has more than $500 million in assets. The organization was ready for a redesign on four of their websites, including:

·       https://iambfo.org

·       https://www.iamnpf.org/

·       https://www.iambtf.org/

·       https://www.iam401k.org/

The organization understands that, whether you are an employer or participant, the process of managing pensions can be stressful. To put users at ease, the Fund set about to achieve a goal for the website redesign and the development migration: to create a user experience that feels personal and approachable while at the same time, instilling trust and confidence. To achieve that goal, we implemented a number of design techniques and digital approaches: new colors were added to the brand, a new media library was created, buttons and form fields got softer edges and when hard edges and icons are required, animations help introduce them to the user.

New Target selected Drupal 8 to power this multi-site digital experience. Integrations with YouTube and Flipbook allow non-HTML content to be easily displayed and consumed within the IAM BFO experience. The focus on discoverability led us to implement Solr as the search solution and allow sticky search results to be added as needed. Additionally, Simple Popup Blocks provide admins with an easy-to-use tool to promote important content to users when they visit the website.

Intuitive web design complements the content that clearly anticipates users’ questions and, in turn, provides answers that are relevant, timely, and easy-to-understand. Additionally, the Fund lets it be known that they are always available to answer questions as they provide several contact options on each web page. Since these websites are an important resource, most of the content is visible to all visitors. With that being said, there is some content that is protected. Content that requires authentication is accessed through a single sign-on (SSO) integration with a custom benefit asset management system.

Our focus on reinforcing IAM BFO’s core values and mission combined with our experience and a robust discovery phase allowed us to implement a solution that modernized the IAM BFO digital ecosystem. The new IAM BFO websites now offer user-centered digital experiences that can more easily scale in size and complexity as needed.

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