Established in 1926, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit that is dedicated to advancing public understanding of the safety and benefits of cleaning products and protecting the ability of its members to formulate products that best meet consumer needs. ACI serves both its members and the public by developing and sharing information about industry products with the technical community, policymakers, childcare and health professionals, educators, media, and consumers. New Target was chosen by ACI to modernize the look of and replatform their main website

Upon arriving on the ACI website, the first thought that comes to mind is “clean” in every sense of the word. Bright and purposeful images positioned strategically upon a white background make it clear that the design embodies the organization’s mission and that navigating through the website will be a breeze. The use of whitespace throughout the website separates content and makes topics like The Science of Soap and About Ingredients, easy to digest. This entirely new user-focused digital experience is powered by Drupal 8 and is built to provide admins the flexibility they need to publish compelling content and better engage with audiences through various touchpoints. Additionally, New Target’s audience analysis allowed our design and development efforts to provide a more personalized user journey for ACI’s various audience segments.    

To allow ACI to truly connect with audiences, they needed more than a visually appealing design, they needed their platform to be flexible, yet consistent. New Target’s solution was to use Paragraphs. We created more than 15 flexible paragraph types that can be combined to provide flexible page layouts for admins, while providing consistency for users. In addition to Paragraphs, we used Entity Embed which allows content to be embedded in the CKEditor and Color Field which enables color overlay and opacity to be set for each image. These three solutions give admins even more opportunities to make Drupal 8 work for them. 

Given the amount of information on the website, New Target put an emphasis on search using Apache Solr to provide a custom experience. It starts with an “Ask your cleaning question” search on the homepage and includes sticky search results and a robust filtering system to ensure users can find what they are looking for no matter how they look for it. The website also uses Search 404 since much of the website’s content was reorganized, consolidated, or reimagined as part of the replatforming and website architecture updates. New Target implemented solutions to allow ACI to publish more interactive content including photo galleries using Juicebox, polls using Poll module, and infographics using a combination of Paragraphs and Taxonomies in the admin and CodyHouse’s framework on the frontend. 

ACI’s goals were met through the marriage of a clean design and a powerful and flexible admin. Several benefits to users and staff are to be had, and the website stands as a great example of how associations and nonprofits can offer their users a fresh digital experience. 

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