We’re excited to announce the website redesign and launch of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) website! It’s always a pleasure to help our neighbors in Alexandria. ARHA is a public agency that manages Alexandria’s public housing units and provides affordable housing, economic opportunities, and a living environment free from discrimination for low-income and moderate-income citizens of Alexandria.     

ARHA had two main challenges with their website: the design was outdated and their CMS needed to be updated. Our design team first updated the brand with a new logo with bold, patriotic colors that accurately represent the organization’s position in the community. From there, we greatly transformed the website design to be clean and modern and then structured the website so that it was easy for users to navigate through the abundance of resources. The homepage now clearly shows what the organization does and how it helps the community, and it serves as a resource for news, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. As users move through the website, they can get information on departments within ARHA, access resident services, connect to the development arm of ARHA (Virginia Housing Development), and read monthly Board of Commissioners reports in PDF format.  

We took ARHA from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, which gave them the most current instance complete with new features and flexibility. We then built out a Google Map which enables users to search all of the ARHA properties on the website, which is something that they did not have. The map is featured on the homepage and property landing page and includes units, location, closest metro, closest school, and additional property information. From a backend perspective, we developed the website in a way that ARHA staff can easily manage content throughout the site and update it on a regular basis, which was an ongoing issue for the organization. ARHA also wanted to focus on gathering feedback from residents, so we created a call-to-action block that follows users throughout the site so that they can participate in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

ARHA is thrilled with the new brand logo, design, and functionality, and we were proud to be a part of this important project. The ARHA website redesign is one of many that we have worked on for community-focused organizations inside and outside of Alexandria. Our experience working with the unique needs of organizations like ARHA make us a go-to web development and web design company. At New Target, we focus on providing great customer experiences for our clients’ websites, and we want to do that for you, too. Ask us how we can help with your website design and development project by filling out our form.

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