New Target is thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for Nareit. For nearly 60 years, Nareit has been promoting the REIT way of real estate investment as the industry’s voice to policymakers, investors, and the general public. This year, Nareit completed a major brand refresh and they chose New Target to redesign, develop and integrate the new brand into their website. The website needed to be reimagined in a way that used the new branding components to educate and inform users through the compelling use of industry data. It also needed to demonstrate that Nareit is the authority on real estate investing by answering questions such as, “Why should I invest in REITs?” “How do I invest in REITs?” or “What’s a REIT?” By working as a partner to Nareit, we collaboratively propelled their brand to new levels. 

New Target audited Nareit’s website content and traffic patterns, designed and built a user-centric digital experience that allows for personalization, and now helps market that experience across all digital channels. The website is built in Drupal and integrates with multiple 3rd parties including Factset, iMIS, Morningstar, Smartbrief, and Xignite, just to name a few.

New Target’s web design modernized Nareit’s main digital property, reit.com, and allows the website’s users to access and easily find relevant content. New Target evaluated user behaviors and trends to implement a design and overall experience that helps promote discoverability, allows content to be more easily digested through snackable content, and encourages users to immerse themselves in Nareit’s online experience.

The website features a custom-built New Target module that integrates with Google Analytics Reports API to provide recommended content to users. This machine learning-inspired module, used with the Google Analytics Reports API, is content- and user-aware and looks at usage data to promote fresh, unique content that is relevant to each visitor. New Target implemented a custom solution that works with Search API and content types that allows Nareit to provide suggested site search results based on keywords and phrases that data shows users are looking for.  

New Target utilized card web design patterns for embedded investor cards, to showcase a great deal of stock performance data on news and media content. This solution allows users to interact with stock data without losing their place in the news content. The solution provides direct access to a follow feature that allows users to follow Nareit members. To help users know where they are within content, New Target implemented a progress bar across the top of pages that require a scroll to visualize how much content is on the page.

TB Mega Menu is used for the website’s navigation. This contributed Drupal module provides additional promotional spaces for blocks of content within the navigation providing more direct access to content in a more visually appealing way. 

New Target recognizes the importance of contextual personalized experiences and great features on a website and used intro.js to provide tool tips for complex website features that benefit from a more detailed explanation.

Information availability and accessibility have been important parts of this project. New Target continued to use Google AMP framework for certain content types to provide faster web page loading within Google search on mobile.

Focusing on architecting an experience from the start lead to Nareit’s website truly fulfilling its mission of being the go-to place for REIT information.  From web design to Drupal-based feature development that focuses on being an experience delivers on the promise of the website working for you, the user.

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