We recently launched a redesigned website for the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI), the world’s leading authority on best practices for cyanide use in the gold mining industry. This project involved many of the standard tasks included in New Target website redesign projects including a web strategy session, usability and content evaluation, a new website design, a Drupal content management systemSEOwebsite hosting and video hosting. The project also included a few additional features such as online training and an interactive map and directory.


To highlight the reach of ICMI within the gold mining industry, we developed an interactive global map showing the location of ICMI’s worldwide participants, or followers of “The Code” who are called signatories. Each pinpointed location leads to a detailed page about the signatory company, and the pinpoints are color-coded to show the various types of signatories. ICMI is able to edit all content of their signatory companies’ profile pages and add new pinpoints as they grow the number of signatory companies, all via the Drupal CMS administrative interface.


In the past, ICMI has delivered its training in person by travelling to various international locations. The training curriculum has consisted of a PowerPoint slideshow that supports the trainer’s in-person delivery of the information. With people worldwide who require this training, together with ICMI’s desire to provide its training and information to as many people as possible, ICMI wanted to offer the training in a web-based training format.

The new website offers online training in the form of videos comprised of a soundtrack of the script, which has previously been delivered only in-person, synchronized with the redesigned PowerPoint slides. The training was broken up into shorter segments, or modules, to provide natural breaks for listeners. This training is now available on demand to people worldwide. New Target is hosting the streaming video files on our multimedia server and will be measuring use in the new online format.


As ICMI works to promote “The Code” and grow the number of signatory companies who commit to follow the Code, the website will support their efforts by providing information about the Code, giving positive exposure to the signatory companies, and by educating audiences from handlers and transporters of cyanide to members of the media reporting on gold mining activities worldwide.

Visit www.cyanicecode.org today to learn more about this client who is making a difference. And contact us at [email protected] or 703-548-3433 x21 to learn how we can help your organization’s website make an impact in your industry.

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