Well, actually, SharePoint has been at New Target for months. Our technology strategists and developers have been working in the 2010 beta version for months creating demonstration sites and testing many new features.

SharePoint 2010 represents a significant upgrade from the previous version and includes great content management features for websites as well as many new features for the intranet collaboration tools it is known for.

“SharePoint is one of the most robust platforms out there being both a document collaboration and Intranet solution as well as a content management system. Many see SharePoint as a collaboration platform but it is so much more—the 2010 version has already proven itself ready for implementation,” says Vijay Khilnani, New Target Technology V.P. and former Microsoft Technology Evangelist.

New Target is ready to implement the next generation in SharePoint. If you are interested in seeing what SharePoint 2010 can do for your organization please call Brian Newsome at 703-548-3433 x11 today.

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