New Target continued its web design, development and integration services work with the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts by redesigning and including unique sections for their investing information, association, and news program activities.  

New Target responsively designed and developed the website to be All Things REIT online by including the latest web publishing features available to national associations on the back-end and the latest news sharing and recomendation features for website users on the front-end.  

The website is designed to serve users and real esteate investment trust investors of all types, with the investing section serving professional investors and financial advisors and the news section serving a more general audience seeking knowledge of REITs.  The main website and each major section include a completely unique set of navigation and page layouts to complement the specific audiences and complete their REIT information needs. New Target kept the design consistent across the websites to maintain REIT’s branding in each section.

New features, such as the creation of new logos, integration of an online advertising platform, direct integration with iMIS association management system, Brightcove integration, Solr search, Add This integration as well as pre-existing features such as members-only content, weekly new video, podcasts, and forums provide a great new user experience.  

Please put on your financial hat and enjoy the place for All Things REIT,  

And do let us know if we can help with your website development, migration and redesign needs.

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