Welcome to the New Target weekly roundup of industry headlines where we share with you all the latest news that has piqued our interest. This week, we’re focusing a lot on the customer and how we can create better experiences through various techniques and tools. Discovery is an important part of the customer journey and some of these articles will be helpful in providing you with ways to help your audience discover more of your own content.


SEO doesn’t only apply to written content. It can actually help your YouTube videos get some visibility in a sea of millions of videos. Back then life was simpler, but with an increasing number of content creators, SEO is a must in today’s digital world. With YouTube’s complex algorithm and its status as the second-largest search engine in the world, this guide will be your Yoda for video uploads. From insider tips to actually seeing what factors really matter when it comes to SEO, this ultimate YouTube guide is here only to help!


Twenty twenty-one might be the year where we start getting closer to pre-pandemic activities, which means customers will be ready to get out there. But what does that mean for brands and marketing? Well, when the pandemic first started, a lot of companies paused their marketing efforts and were in reaction mode as things were rapidly changing. This year, we’re seeing more brands being proactive and thinking about the future of their brand positioning which may have changed over the last year. What we do expect to see is more partnerships and collaborations between other companies and influencers for brand acceleration and increased engagement. This will be a year of growth for both brands and the customer experience.


Today, a large portion of tools, devices, and products leverage artificial intelligence in exciting ways that contribute toward the customer experience. While artificial intelligence helps marketers provide more targeted messaging through advertising and other things like chatbots, it’s still limited in the things it can do. For example, artificial intelligence won’t be able to write you the #1 best-selling book this year, but it does hold the ability to take your marketing further. By incorporating the right AI tools, you could potentially have a crystal ball at your fingertips.


Last week we talked about how marketers have their eyes on Clubhouse, looking for opportunities to reach those audiences. This week, we’re looking back on the history of “personal vehicles” that allow anyone to be a publisher online, from blogs to video and now voice. The difference between Clubhouse and other audio platforms, like Spotify for example, is the ease of usability. It’s very easy to create a conversation and listen to one and you can engage in conversation with the moderator. To put it simply, Clubhouse seems like a magical unicorn right now, but once it really takes off, we’ll see how many similar platforms start to rise from the shadows.


There’s a lot of talk about an older book, Breakthrough Advertising, that a lot of marketers are reanalyzing to see if it holds up. One of the key takeaways that does hold up is the five stages of customer awareness. Today’s discussions around this continue to analyze landing pages from big companies that are launching new products and brands all the time, so it’s interesting to see these five stages continue to be recycled. Take a look at what marketers are calling a “timeless masterpiece” and see how you can use it to supercharge your marketing.

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