We’re fully into September and already we’re thinking back to what we learned and who we met this summer. Each year, New Target attends Drupal conferences throughout the country as a way to expand our knowledge and keep up-to-date with product releases and enhancements. As a sponsor, presenter, and exhibitor, these conferences are a way for us to engage with the Drupal community on several levels. Here, we want to share our experiences this summer at Drupal GovCon in Washington, D.C. and DrupalCamp LA in, of course, Los Angeles.

Drupal GovCon  

One of the largest Drupal conferences on the East Coast, Drupal GovCon 2018 was held from August 22- 24 on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference brought together members of the Drupal community for several educational sessions and plenty of networking opportunities. Session Tracks covered coding/development, design, DevOps, content strategy, and more. New Target had a presence as a Contributor Sponsor and three members of our team presented sessions:

Sarat Tippaluru – Integrating Drupal 8 with Salesforce

Sarat is a Solutions Architect at New Target and frequent contributor to the Drupal community. In his session, he demonstrated how to create a connected app on Salesforce so that information can be exchanged between Drupal and Salesforce all the while ensuring that the information is always in sync. To listen to the full session, click here.

Jorge Castedo – Drupal 8, Consuming Remote APIs

New Target Solutions Architect, Jorge Castedo, presented a session on consuming remote APIs using Google API for address location. His session showed that by using Google API and then passing the data to the United States Postal Service for verification, website users can quickly and easily enter and verify addresses. You can listen to the full session here

Kevin McCulloch – Progressive Decoupling: How U.S. Courts Added Headless D8/Angular to D7

Kevin McCulloch, Lead Developer/DevOps Engineer for New Target, co-presented with Natalie Beneventi, Web Operations Coordinator for New Target client, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The session was geared toward technical decision-makers who are interested in progressive decoupling, headless Drupal, and Angular. Kevin and Natalie presented a solution for creating an interactive feature site designed for authenticated user access by integrating a D7 intranet site with a headless D8/Angular service. You can access their full session here.

DrupalCamp LA  

DrupalCamp LA is a free annual conference celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. It’s organized based on the BarCamp setup, where attendees propose and present sessions. The two-day conference was hosted during the weekend of July 22-23 at the University of California, Irvine in Orange County, California. New Target has been an ongoing sponsor and presenter at DrupalCon for many years, and this was our first year attending and sponsoring DrupalCamp LA. Members of the New Target LA Metro office attended DrupalCamp LA to gain insights and knowledge from the event, and share ours.  

DrupalCamp LA Booth and Sessions

DrupalCamp LA allowed us to chat with attendees on a more personal level. Many times when we have a booth at a large conference or event, attendees have less time to talk through their challenges and solutions due to the high amount of foot traffic. We talked with individual developers in-depth and also with people looking to hire Drupal developers and teams.

DrupalCamp provides a nice break from larger conferences and is a more casual event where people from all levels could come together and learn more about Drupal through the diverse sessions offered. 

A particularly useful session was “The Drupal Fork: Backdrop CMS,” which was a live demo for the Backdrop CMS platform. Backdrop isn’t a term we hear a lot within the digital agency realm because Drupal and Salesforce are the industry leaders in CMS platforms. Based on the session we attended, we found that Backdrop could be a very beneficial open source solution for small-to-medium sized websites that are not ready to upgrade to Drupal 8 from earlier Drupal versions. Backdrop provides people an upgrade path from Drupal 7, making it ideal for those who don’t want to make the large migration from Drupal 7 to 8. Drupal 8 has evolved drastically from versions 6 and 7 with new security updates and features, and Backdrop creates the foundation for additional development similar to Drupal 8.


Even as Drupal experts, we still benefit from participating in these conferences and expanding our knowledge. A big thank you to the Drupal GovCon and DrupalCamp LA hosts for organizing these events and also to the volunteers and staff who made our experiences enjoyable. 

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