The Associationfor Senior Living Communities.
Argentum is the association of companies specializing in senior living communities, offering a range of services including assisted living, independent living, continuing care, and memory care. Their membership represents a significant portion of the professionally managed communities in the industry, which has a national economic impact of almost a quarter of a trillion dollars and employs over 1.6 million individuals.


Like many aging association websites, had become bloated over time. There was too much outdated and duplicate information, and its members were having a difficult time navigating and finding what they needed in a timely fashion. Added to this burden was the inability of the team to effectively manage and update the website. 


After a thorough discovery period with the leadership team, we selected WordPress as the CMS solution, and to improve discoverability, architected a better search feature. Adding the advanced page builder Elementor gives their team not only the ability to manage and update all their website content but the ability to create a consistent web experience by managing the entire website’s design system including global colors and fonts.

desktop view of a comprehensive case study showcasing argentum's impactful advocacy initiatives and achievements.
mobile view of a case study illustrating the user-friendly and impactful mobile pages of argentum.


Our first step was an extensive design revamp aimed at creating a user-friendly, intuitive interface. We crafted a clean, modern layout that facilitated easy access to vital information, thereby streamlining user experience as they navigated Argentum’s offerings. We also ensured the design was in line with Argentum’s brand identity, reinforcing their position as an authority in the senior living industry.

Website Development & Integration

To give Argentum greater control over their site, we built their new website on WordPress, utilizing Elementor + ACF/Elementor templates. This combination provided a flexible, customizable platform with a user-friendly interface that simplified site management.

Integrated into the new website in various forms is their association management system, MemberCast.

Content Migration

A significant challenge in the development stage was the migration of over 5500 pages from Argentum’s old site to the new one. We devised a system that efficiently transferred all the content, retaining Argentum’s comprehensive archive of valuable resources. This migration ensured that the redesigned website retained the depth of content that users had come to appreciate, presented in a more accessible and appealing format.

The Argentum team was thrilled with their new website, and we launched it on time (30 weeks) and in time for their annual conference.

Ongoing Digital Support

In today’s digital landscape, website security is paramount. As part of our commitment to Argentum’s online safety, we implemented a comprehensive security update and maintenance plan. This ongoing service includes keeping WordPress and its associated plugins up-to-date and thoroughly tested to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Our maintenance plan also involves advanced threat detection systems, regular backups, and antivirus solutions to further strengthen the website’s security. This proactive approach ensures that Argentum can operate online with confidence, knowing that their site and user data are continuously protected.


The newly redesigned Argentum website successfully on time for their annual conference (and was the talk of the conference)! The feedback from Argentum was overwhelmingly positive, praising our dedication to their success. The improved navigation, enhanced user interface, and the ease of site management have significantly elevated the overall user experience.

Our collaboration with Argentum is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior websites that drive growth and success. Whether it’s a website redesign, development, content migration, or providing an ongoing security maintenance plan, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Let’s work together to transform your digital presence!

mobile view of a case study highlighting the impactful initiatives and achievements of argentum on their homepage.
collage representing various achievements, services, and initiatives of argentum in a visually appealing format.

How we did it.

The cornerstone of your identity is an authentic brand story. We work with you to establish a clearly defined brand strategy for your goals – a strategy complementary to your brand’s visual voice.

The creative we design is heavily influenced by the framework for innovation. We design media not just to please our clients, but to engage and delight their customers, members, or constituents. We put people first.

We’ll help you select the right technology, and code it right. Our development team is passionate about using the right mix of open source, off-the-shelf, and hosted solutions to solve complex problems.

Our engineering team understands you have multiple systems that need to communicate to provide a seamless user experience. Connecting software online is our speciality.

We understand clients have a choice of website hosting providers. Our service goes beyond stability, up time, and more to a personalized approach that meets you where you are today, and prepares you for your tomorrow

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