A data powerhouse for the airline industry.
ATPCO provides the world’s leading technology, pricing, and shopping data to airlines, global distribution systems, travel agencies, and tech companies.


Redesign the ATPCO customer center, MyATPCO, for a global airlines customer base to be intuitive and personalized across diverse needs.


Conduct in-depth discovery with their global airline customers and address the user experience needs that were most important—navigation, search, and automated workflows – and design interfaces using user-centered design principles.

desktop view of a comprehensive case study highlighting atpco's achievements and services on their homepage.
mobile view of a case study highlighting atpco's effective and responsive mobile pages, showcasing user-friendly design and functionality.


ATPCO had designed their various web properties a few times with varying levels of success. The most recent customer center redesign was just a few years ago, and it was not met with as much excitement by the customers as hoped. With a large and very involved global airline customer base that has very clear needs as well as large staffs who also have varying needs across disciplines, we had our work cut out for us. We began by meeting with many staff and customer groups to do both user testing for the current customer center as well as technical requirements gathering with the staff. With their input, we were able to provide recommendations and determine the implementation scope for the MyATPCO redesign for both users and ATPCO data and communication staff.

Website Design & Creative Vision

We began the design phase by attending their industry conference, Elevate, to perform preliminary user testing on our initial designs/prototypes with their customers. With that feedback, we were able to work with their team to create user-centered UI designs. At the same time, we spent weeks ironing out complex technical and data requirements for detailed faceted searches and personalized UIs. Excessive and complex workflows and displays were needed, so we streamlined everything to make both navigation and search easy, make the site more responsive and modern, and include the ability to use fewer tables. Search is a key feature utilizing many facets and filters, and convenient flows within, and between, the public site’s navigation and customer center’s. On an aesthetic level, we added color and other visual cues for like content across multiple websites and screens, all the while keeping design out of the way of the users.


MyATPCO is developed in Drupal to give them the features and functionalities they needed most. Apache Solr was integrated as the search platform and was customized to handle detailed global site searches from global users. We used Apache Tika to extract metadata from attachments and make them searchable. We also used Paragraphs for flexible page layouts, and we integrated with their in-house authentication provider for roles and permissions.

mobile view of a case study showcasing atpco's collaborations with various companies, highlighting successful partnerships and initiatives.
comprehensive view of a case study detailing the achievements, services, and impact of atpco.

How we did it.

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