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CHEA is the leading voice for academic quality in U.S. higher education institutions. Their work in the accreditation space is indispensable for the U.S. to remain the global leader in higher education. And while their important work indirectly touches millions of students each year, their member’s budget pressures are real. “Do we continue to receive value?” is a question needing to be answered yearly for many annual membership organizations and CHEA’s member are no different.  


Our digital marketing team designed a marketing campaign to increase year over year performance across a variety of metrics including reach, engagement, and conversions by answering the value question with the many unique services and benefits a CHEA membership conveys. We succeeded by beating industry benchmarks on nearly all metrics as well as far exceeding some! 

A digital-first personalized campaign…

Our digital-first marketing campaign was broadly specific. While national in nature targeting a variety of professionals across several job descriptions, the total marketable universe was well defined. This meant, be everywhere they are, always.

Our campaign focused on demonstrating the value CHEA’s work provides not only to the institutions through their impressive member benefits and services, but through the prestige of membership. After all, CHEA membership demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of academic quality assurance. Our creative reflected this, consistently.

Our personalized approach to social network ownership, personalized video, personalized email, and the re-marketing that follows, increased total engagement considerably. We delivered personalization not only to the membership base but through the creative that was contextually designed for various platforms – our approach was truly omni-channel. We know, few marketers say that anymore, but it sounds cool, right? 

…that delivered results.

CHEA’s marketing challenge is not an awareness one, but rather one that defines their value proposition in order to inspire anew the important work CHEA provides to its membership directly, and indirectly. Our work did just that, but don’t take our word, look at our numbers.

“Personalized video completion” was 18% over the industry standard demonstrating the effectives of CHEA’s value and our creative. “Click throughs” beat the industry average by 6x, an impressive number correlating to direct and honest delivery messaging. In every major website traffic metric, our campaign increased year over year performance from 38-52%. Those numbers are real!

Those are great stats, but did we convert? Yes! Across four key institutional goals, our campaign is directly attributable to 8%, 21%, 1%, and 10% increases in year over year conversions. These stats are not just a win for our creative marketing efforts, they are an affirmation of the continued value CHEA provides, and we’re proud to continue to serve their mission! 

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