DC Men in Early Childhood Education

Amplifying an important voice in education.


DC Men in Early Childhood Education, a budding organization, aimed to create a significant impact within their community. But, with a nascent brand identity and limited marketing infrastructure, they were searching for a way to define their voice and maximize their reach.


New Target, Inc. leveraged its comprehensive suite of branding services to build an unmistakable identity and compelling narrative for the organization, then transitioned smoothly into activating that brand through a multi-faceted marketing campaign.

Brand Discovery & Formation

Brand Attributes: We embarked on a series of workshops with stakeholders to drill down to the very essence of the organization. These sessions illuminated the organization’s core values, mission, and aspirations.

Messaging Architecture: Using the insights from the brand attributes, we developed a structured messaging framework to ensure consistency across all communications. This strategy involved behavioral nudging principles, ensuring that the organization’s voice was not just heard, but resonated deeply with their audience.

User Personas: To align marketing efforts with audience needs, we designed detailed user personas. This approach allowed for a tailored strategy that spoke directly to the hearts and minds of the target audience.

Theory of Change: This holistic exercise cemented the organization’s direction, determining how they’d achieve their mission and the metrics of success.

Brand Statement & Logo Design: The culmination of the branding phase was the creation of a succinct brand statement, paired with a logo that perfectly encapsulated the spirit and goals of DC Men in Early Childhood Education.

Activation Through Live Events

Press Release Creation & Distribution: To generate buzz around the organization’s initiatives, we crafted compelling press releases and ensured they reached the right media houses and influencers in the sector.

Physical Collateral Design: Our team designed impactful physical collateral, including a stand-out banner, ensuring a memorable presence at events and gatherings.

Plenary Session Presentation: New Target, Inc. played a pivotal role in both the opening and closing plenary sessions, curating and creating content that encapsulated the essence of the organization’s mission and goals.

The Outcome

Through the synergistic blending of our branding prowess and marketing expertise, DC Men in Early Childhood Education has established a strong and memorable brand presence in the education field. With a clear voice, visually attractive design, and compelling narratives, they are now perfectly poised to drive awareness, foster interest, and convert audiences into advocates.

Looking Forward

We remain a trusted partner for DC Men in Early Childhood Education. We are excited about the next phase of our collaboration and are committed to continuing our support in amplifying their purpose and voice in education.


How we did it.

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