Educare: A story of community, joy and love, for our littlest ones.


Faced with the departure of their president, and the opportunity to celebrate a tenth anniversary, Educare DC sought help with both a concrete marketing plan for the new administration, and a tangible and dynamic way to celebrate their anniversary and their impressive results.

The president summed what she wanted New Target to share with the world through this marketing engagement, “If these walls could talk it would be a story of joy, and love and struggle and community. A community of multiple generations all focused on our littlest ones.”


Our marketing team designed an engaging and passionate marketing campaign that included video production, a social media campaign, website pages, branded print materials and takeaways and more, all with the goal of increasing awareness, enrollment, and donations for this Head Start provider.



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Campaign Strategy

Starting with an in-depth branding exercise, our team was tasked with sharing the Educare story with D.C. area policy makers, parents, and donors.

We then started a 12-month engagement that rested upon three main pillars: Celebrate and Acknowledge, Build Awareness and Cultivate for the Future, Fundraise for the Future.

Our social media campaign involved updating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter four times per week, and greatly extended their reach and added daily to their community of students, parents, and supporters.

Social Marketing

In addition to the development of video and print assets that will continue to tell the Educare story for years to come, our social media efforts are seeing real results.

While only at mid-campaign we are already seeing encouraging results with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube subscribers increasing from 30 to 50% and overall website traffic increasing 10%.

The result is an encouraged and energized group of stakeholders that now have the tangible assets to tell their story to policymakers, parents, and donors and to further the work of quality early childhood education.

Video Production

The first deliverable was a documentary style video about the history and mission of Educare DC. This eleven-minute production allowed the leadership and staff to passionately reflect upon the work and impact of the school. We premiered it for their donors at their tenth anniversary celebration. Subsequent videos in what will be a series include “The Educare Difference,” parental testimonials about what the school has accomplished with their children and then what that assistance allowed them to do in their own lives.

Google Looker Studio

Using Google Looker Studio, we provided Educare DC with the ability to quickly create visualizations and uncover insights from large datasets. Google Looker Studio provides an all-in-one, powerful data analytics platform for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data – allowing Educare to quickly gain insights from their data.

Press Releases

We issued press releases to publicize three of their most important recent events, the retirement of their longtime president, their tenth anniversary celebration, and the arrival of their newest president. When done correctly, a press release can help to generate positive exposure for an organization, increase visibility and build credibility with the target audience. Additionally, press releases can help to build relationships with journalists and media outlets and generate quality backlinks for SEO purposes.

Media Gallery

Housed on the website is a media gallery we produced for Educare DC presenting a collection of photographs and videos that can be used to illustrate the stories that make up their world. Media galleries offer visitors an engaging way to view and share images and videos, as well as providing a platform for discussion on the topics being presented. Once this page was built, we then launched a social media campaign driving traffic back to these impactful videos and into the Educare universe.

Media Kit

To be able to keep going the good exposure we built Educare DC a media kit which is a collection of materials that provide information about the school. It typically includes items such as biographies, photos, press releases and other information pertinent to media inquiries. Media kits are sent out to journalists, bloggers and other influencers and can also help secure interviews, press coverage, and other opportunities to get your story out there.


How we did it.

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