The value of design, experienced.


IDSA wanted to prove its value and put more of an emphasis on design and membership which required a major update to its digital presence. Additionally, IDSA needed a plan to increase awareness and better engage with website visitors.


New Target created a comprehensive digital strategy for IDSA that created a website inspired by visual social apps.


An in-depth discovery phase that analyzed content categorization, current website, digital ecosystem, and database architecture informed our approach. 

As a result, we emphasized visual apps that audiences are used to using and created a stream of content that’s structured and encourages discovery. 

Technically, we ensured that the website could scale in the future and allowed for multiple revenue streams, including onsite ads that are seamless with the other website content. 

Design & Creative Vision

We created a website that emphasized the visual aspects of industrial design. Using tags, we created an easy-to-navigate experience that allows the content to shine.

Emphasizing what’s new and what’s upcoming are important to all membership organizations, and is a primary focus of this site as well. 

To create a more engaging story, we ensured the website highlights the industrial designers themselves, their work, and how their work improves lives every day.


We chose Drupal to power the website and integrated it with MemberSuite.

The MemberSuite integration includes a membership application, member dashboard, SSO (single sign-on), and more, creating a friction-free member experience.  Additionally, the website integrates with several other platforms including Vimeo Pro, Coroflot, Solr Search, Revive, and social media feeds.

We implemented several modules that established the foundational SEO and marketing infrastructure. The responsive website features members-only content, an event calendar, and several other features that allow members and visitors to share and engage with IDSA’s content.

We migrated content that was organized flatly to a more structured hierarchy, including 15,000 pages, 16,000 taxonomy terms, and a massive clean-up of content. Additionally, Solr search allows PDFs and other documents to be indexed and Workbench creates a publishing flow in the CMS. 

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