Retro is cool.
Retro tech is not.


Engage a leading digital marketing firm to activate a creative and innovative marketing campaign to increase sales.


With only three weeks to plan for a four-week campaign, the team designed and launched a series of display ads, banner ads and organic social media using Facebook, Linked, and Twitter.

Digital Marketing

Konica Minolta engaged the New Target marketing team to get help with an end of year sales push. They had a very tight window to work with, just seven weeks including ideation and campaign activation. The campaign had two goals, the first was to bring awareness to Konica Minolta’s brand-new ecommerce website where, for the first time, their customers could shop and purchase without the aid of a sales representative. The second goal was to make some quick sales before the end of the fiscal year in business-to -business IT sales. Typically, these sales would involve a purchasing agent upgrading their office with, for example, new copiers or printers.

Marketing Creative

This campaign had to hit quickly and be immediately effective, so we decided on a bold 90s themed “Retro” campaign with bright eye-catching colors and taglines such as “Retro is cool, retro tech is not,” and “Is your technology stuck in the past, upgrade your technology today.” Part of the strategy was to be dramatic but also to connect personally with the purchasing agents who would be of the age to reflect fondly on those years.

Audience Segmentation + International Landing pages

Our target audience was senior IT positions and tech procurement staff. We also prepared a e-newsletter for their inhouse email list, three newsletters for the U.S. and three for Canada encouraging their users to “Shop Now” or contact the IT tech assurance team for help with office equipment procurement.

To further support the campaign, we built landing pages, three designed for U.S. customers and three for customers in Canada.

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