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With an eye on STEM, MATHCOUNTS started in 1983 and has since grown to offering a popular competition series, math club, and a video challenge that engage hundreds of thousands of students each year. The coordination of these programs requires that the organization’s website house a lot of content that not only informs, but also is easy to navigate and update. 


New Target created a modern, integrated, digital ecosystem that centers around their Drupal website and Salesforce CRM. Our approach makes the MATHCOUNTS tech stack work for them, while ensuring that it also works for their visitors. 


We started discovery with what we thought was a small Salesforce integration, but that through our process we discovered needed to be a much larger project. 

Our discovery process is based on the Framework for Innovation that ensures we are creating the right thing for you before we start to create that thing right. 

For this project, that process included interviews with the MATHCOUNTS team, research into their user’s online behaviors, and more to fully understand the needs of the staff, students, coaches, and volunteers who are involved in the programs.

Website Design & Creative Vision

MATHCOUNTS ultimately serves middle school students, but the design also had to appeal to the many adult coaches and volunteers. We created a bright, sophisticated, aesthetic that uses media to inject action on the website.

MATHCOUNTS has expanded its programs in the past, so we wanted to ensure that their new website would provide the flexibility to extend our creative vision for future projects. 


The MATHCOUNTS site uses Drupal as a CMS. The project consisted of creating a custom registration form with Drupal Commerce, complex Salesforce integration, integration with QuickBooks and with Stripe as well.

We built a robust registration system that allows users to register for any of their three programs including the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, National Math Club, or Math Video Challenge. There is a great deal of custom logic and much of the data needs to be pushed to multiple objects within Salesforce. The registration system will also feed their yet-to-be-built scoring system.

Additionally, we created custom dashboards for Competition Coaches, Competition Coordinators, MVC Advisors, and Club Leaders to allow them easy access to resources and management of their groups’/students’ information. 

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