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For The Metropolitan School of the Arts (MSA), an elite college preparatory performing arts conservatory that relies on in-person instruction, the pandemic years affected enrollment. Showcase events would be curtailed or cancelled, vital open houses would see few attendees, and popular classes would be reduced or cancelled for lack of participants.  


Our marketing team designed a highly focused D.C. metro area marketing campaign with the goal of increasing enrollment in this  performing arts academy that trains its students in dance, theater, and music. 

A Creative platform...

Our creative platform focused on building the MSA brand and increasing enrollment. Our campaign filled the top of their recruitment funnel with interest from the performing arts community in the greater D.C. area. Focused campaigns to interested parties and reinforced evergreen approaches let their community know MSA had returned to what they do best, dancing, singing, and lifting up souls. 

We designed and established a connection between parents and families through creative that was inspired effortlessly from the school’s inspiring students. Our creative platform’s new target was to those in the Washington D.C. area who are open to non-traditional education models, those families who are actively engaged in the arts in a competitive way, and families who traditionally have supported the arts. Our creative platform spoke to these audiences.

This included search ads for non-traditional arts education opportunities. We paired those ads with an online video campaign that highlighted successes and provided a level of excitement and social proof around MSA’s performances and students.

At the heart of our campaign was the creative concept, “Where Your Passion Meets Ours” and “There’s no Such Thing as a Part-Time Artist” which the MSA team felt precisely captured their unique selling points. The results tell us the new audiences felt the same way

...delivering results.

Education decisions obviously demand a significant amount of lead time and are made in the fall and winter traditionally.  Summer progress is meant to lay the groundwork for future enrollment efforts and provide an inspiring first touchpoint to new audiences. 

Through our efforts we delivered a 114% increase in website traffic, a 167% increase in email clicks, and 38% increase in goal conversions as well as several other KPI increases.  

Stay seated for our encore that’s coming soon!

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