Lasting Solutions to Hemispheric Challenges


We needed to take decades of lasting results across a variety of Western Hemisphere program and service areas and provide a cohesive and inspiring brand story to audiences that resonates with their interests. 


Create a digital brand story that recognizes that a brand is not just a logo, tagline, component library, or a design system, but rather all of them working together to convey a powerful feeling about an organization and its effect upon the world.

Nonprofit Branding

Our digital strategy and creative team conducted a comprehensive analysis of their legacy programs and community empowerment projects across the hemisphere to determine how POA could better serve their partner organizations including corporate, NGO, and government. This included focus groups, user interviews, stakeholder ideation sessions, competitor research, brand and creative audits, and more.  

Our nonprofit digital and branding experts created a digital strategy of empowerment that would be flexible enough to provide individual programs what they needed while providing the organization a unified brand playbook to allow them to maintain consistent messaging. This included defining broad brand attributes and a specific brand statement.

Our discovery process is based on the Framework for Innovation. The framework ensures that we are creating the right thing for you before we start to create that thing right. 

Digital Strategy & Creative Vision

Our creative vision materialized in a digital style guide which provided a set of standards for writing, formatting, and designing across media.  The intent of any style guide, and certainly the one delivered for POA, is to coordinate a consistent and effective brand presence across all touch points regardless of medium, e.g. print or digital.  

We created a bright, engaging, and heartfelt aesthetic that is inclusive, whether salt of the earth or urban. The digital brand guidelines we developed form a common visual language between these users and the designers and stakeholders who are a catalyst for community change across the hemisphere.  


Website DEsign and Development

The new Partners of America website is the flagship of a reimagined digital brand. By unifying affiliates across the entire Western Hemisphere, the WordPress-based website provides a distributed content management system for usage anywhere, anytime.  

Their stories of change and community uplifting, and the connections POA made to make these happen, are all empowered through the digital story telling features the website provides to an even greater number of POA stakeholders and contributors, the world over.  

We implemented an interactive timeline that utilizes both traditional and horizontal scrolls highlighting POA’s rich history.

A large part of POA is their diverse and widespread network. For those users that allow location services, we were able to capture and simplify POA’s large global network through a location feature showing a user the chapter nearest to them. This was strategically placed on the homepage to encourage and facilitate membership growth around the world.



Given Partners of America’s many diverse chapters throughout the Western Hemisphere, they required a web solution accessible in various languages. The new website includes both manual and automated translations powered by Google Translate. 

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