Supporting the value of the arts.


Americans for the Arts was looking for a way to engage with an audience curious to explore the role of art in culture and society. 


We designed and built a content discovery tool (a wheel) that integrated into their website and provided visitors a fun and engaging way to connect with them and learn more. 


As the Americans for the Arts’ full-service partner, we discussed their goals and pain points and provided in-depth requirements gathering and technical architecture design. The plan included SSO integration, a Drupal based CMS, and dedicated fully managed website hosting and support.


As we’ve done across the Arts’ ecosystem, we went to work creating the digital experience and bringing a bit of flare to their website. 

As a fun and engaging way to show the impact of Americans for the Arts, we created a dynamic social impact explorer wheel. Users can click on a topic among 10 themes such as “Social Justice,” “Innovation,” Economy,” and the wheel then spins to reveal how the organization provides social impact within that category.


What we built for Americans for the Arts is more than a website, it’s a fully integrated web application that provides the ultimate in distributed content management from creating new page layouts on the fly with Panels, Blocks, and Views to providing content creators the opportunity to manage their content, create forms, and integrate the responses in an AMS database. Focusing on the user and creating an experience for them was the number one priority. 

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