Growing a Graduate Program in a Competitive Higher Education Landscape


The Institute of World Politics (IWP) aimed to establish itself amidst longstanding graduate programs in the nation’s capital. The challenges? Awareness, a competitive higher education field, and a technology infrastructure not primed for a surge in potential student interactions.


Understanding the depth and quality of education IWP had to offer, and the impressive student outcomes achieved with an IWP degree over the past 30 years, we architected and activated a comprehensive marketing strategy while rebuilding their martech. This ensured that this hidden gem was discovered by the right audience.

Strategic Vision & Goals

Ambition: Beyond merely increasing website traffic, the heart of this campaign was to amplify enrollments across their range of courses: online, in-person degrees, and specialized webinars and events.

KPIs: The primary indicator of success was marked by conversions via “contact me” submissions. Supporting metrics included landing page visits and direct phone engagements.

National Marketing Campaign

Targeted Promotion: We showcased the institute’s compelling curriculum, esteemed faculty, and its profound connections within government and civilian defense sectors. The messaging strategy emphasized student outcomes while always giving voice to the mission to reach the right potential students.

Tactical Execution: Utilizing search, social, retargeting, sponsorships, and much more, our approach zeroed in on areas of maximal impact: schools with collaborative agreements, liberal arts colleges offering international relations, and other demographic and geographic markers relevant to IWP.

Content Depth: Prospective students were channeled through a choice of 22 specialized landing pages, each resonating with the diverse strengths IWP had to offer. These pages appealed to their location, inperson interests, career aspirations, and more. The content was genuinely crafted to address personal interests across a wide range of national security and international affairs topics.

Digital Infrastructure Revamp

Website and CRM Overhaul: Recognizing that the existing website and CRM were pivotal to the campaign’s success, we designed and developed a holistic website enhancement and made additional CRM modifications. These changes were not just to integrate the two platforms but also to provide a better application experience for potential students. From intuitive navigation designs, enticing call-to-action triggers, structured landing pages, advanced SEO tools, application refinements, to automation for recruitment officers, we rejuvenated the digital touchpoints. This bolstered external user engagement and provided the communication, recruitment, and academic affairs teams with the digital tools necessary for success.

Logo Design

Alongside the website overhaul, we took on the significant task of redesigning the IWP logo. Our aim was to craft a symbol that embodied the institute’s rich heritage while projecting a forward-thinking vision. The resulting logo is a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary design, symbolizing IWP’s dedication to leading-edge education in statecraft and national security. This new logo, visually striking and emblematic, now prominently features on the website and institutional materials. It stands as a beacon for future leaders and intellectuals drawn to IWP, representing the institution’s commitment to excellence and intellectual leadership in the global academic community.


We not only aim to highlight the inherent strengths of our clients but also amplify their reach in ways previously unimagined. Our work has led to significant growth in key KPIs and provided staff with savings through modern digital tools, thus benefiting both the top and bottom lines. The Institute of World Politics’ successful campaigns and digital projects are a testament to our commitment to delivering truly transformative results.to delivering truly transformative results.

How we did it.

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