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In an effort to highlight the organization’s activities, including engaging with Congress, documenting religious freedom conditions, and monitoring the status of religious prisoners of conscience, USCIRF had found that its website had become full of information that was a bit disorganized and difficult to find. 


New Target helped USCIRF update its CMS to Drupal to allow better content management. From an end-user perspective, our approach focused on humanizing their mission and creating a user experience that encourages people to dig deeper.  

Strategy & Creative Vision

Our user-centered approach resulted in user flows that help cut through the clutter. The website needed to reflect its clear mission and present data in a meaningful way. 

The beauty of this website lies not only in the visuals, but also in the way users have several paths to get the information they need. With a simple search, users can find the same news article by going to the News Room, within one of the relevant countries, or within a specific Prisoner of Conscience section.

The photos showcase country pages that complement the content, and interactive maps offer a more focused way to search.


The Drupal website allows for a lot of functionality to help the staff update content and assist users in their journey. A password-protected Policy Recommendations section for employees and stakeholders was added and the Country pages were enhanced as they are now able to pull in new and revised content using country tags. Admins can now easily add countries of concern, tag content and prisoners within that country, as well as have that country auto-populate on their interactive map. Many sections are set up with Views, so that the staff needs only to tag content for it to appear in all of the appropriate sections throughout the site.

USCIRF’s Religious Prisoners of Conscience Project includes the FoRB Victims Database that was built using React and shows live data about the status of political prisoners as it’s entered by the admins. A custom module by our developers, DevSweet, was used to optimize all the images and speed up the site. DevSweet is available as a New Target-contributed module for others to use.

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