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Selling online isn’t just about the products, it’s about the experience as well. New Target knows eCommerce, and we get that it’s a vital part of your online store. You want a solution that provides a comprehensive suite of tools that conform to the way you do business. Outstanding search capabilities, easy integration with 3rd parties, and comprehensive admin capabilities are just a few of Magento’s customer-focused features.

Our experience with open source solutions coupled with our integrated team of strategists, designers, systems architects, and developers make us the perfect partner for your Magento eCommerce implementation. We’ll work with you from strategy through to launch to make sure your technical and business requirements are met, and ultimately that your customers have an exceptional buying experience.  

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How Magento Works


    Plan the Journey

    Customers find products that they need not by luck, but through a well-planned journey. New Target helps you identify that journey with layered navigation and Solr search expertise and with insight provided by user personas. We then take this information and pair it with user data which drives the information architecture, marketing, and personalization components of your online store.


    Get Customers Interested

    Visitors to your web store want to engage with your brand, so help them with shopping cart reminders, timely emails, and content across platforms. We specialize in creating digital marketing strategies with search, social, and SEO tactics and then we implement them with the right ecommerce tools and functionalities to drive online conversions. 


    Customize the Experience

    Visitors who receive a customized experience are more likely to return to your web store. Our team can help you integrate with your CRM, AMS, online community, and/or payment processor to get customer insights so that you can identify preferences, serve relevant content, and streamline the check-out process.


    Analyze and Optimize

    Understanding what your customers want is no longer a guessing game. Smart data through comprehensive reporting gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions and optimize on-the-go. New Target will help you create a user-friendly dashboard with customized data to get the information you need quickly.


    Quality Assurance

    New Target's quality assurance team ensures all updates, patches, and other changes are tested thoroughly on staging environments before being released to live production environments.


    Deployment Experts

    New Target has been deploying Magento, Drupal, and WordPress-based websites for years, and we are on the leading edge of code management and version control technologies such as Docker, Drush, Git, Puppet, and Chef. We know DevOps!

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